Introducing PK Create: For Schools

A new way to share your knowledge, in-person or remotely

PechaKucha helps you create short, powerful talks that are engaging, memorable, and easy to share.

Thousands of schools and nonprofits use PechaKucha
to share classwork, research, projects, and more.

PechaKucha is what “Show and Tell” always dreamed of becoming.

20 slides. 20 seconds of commentary per slide. That’s it – simple, visual. engaging.


PechaKucha is the ideal platform to drop some knowledge.

Flexible options to present, record, download, or share content in any way you want.

PechaKucha is secure and safe.

You control your content. Permissions are required to view and download.


PechaKucha is proven to work.

Thousands of published research papers at CORE – the world’s largest collection of open-access research – reference PechaKucha’s positive impact on learning, speaking and communication.

PechaKucha is fun!

Adopt a style that inspires eye contact and engagement between a presenter and the audience (more than bullets on a slide ever could).


People love PechaKucha

Join 100,000+ creators using PK Create to help them tell their compelling and engaging stories, all backed by research.
In my faculty workshops at Cornell, I find PechaKucha helps folks configure their research and get down to the core ideas
Jon McKenzie
Cornell University (New York)
PechaKucha pushes one to get to the point quickly. Everyone should aim to be concise in any presentation.
Zanele Madiba
Wits School of Arts (Johannesburg)
Our audience enjoyed the casual and quick approach of PechaKucha. Our presenters were positive about its easy and painless approach. They didn’t have time to be nervous.
Jessica Mead
Burton & South Derbyshire College (England)

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